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Cement Rubber Hose
Cement rubber hoses function as a flexible connection between cementing pump and overhead drilling system for conveyance of cement paste at high pressure, commonly installed on well cementation systems of ocean and land drilling.

Rubber Mud Hose, Vibrator Hose (High Pressure Rotary Oil Well Drilling Hose)
These products are used in well cementation of ocean and land drilling. Rubber mud hose functions as a flexible connection between the top of drill standpipe and vertical moving faucet. And vibrator hose functions as a flexible connection between mud-pump manifold and standpipe for adjusting and eliminating vibration.

Fire Rated Tensioner Hose
Our fire retardant rubber hoses are commonly used for transmitting hydraulic oils to compensate for the fluctuation length of the drill. They are matched with drilling riser tensioners for deepwater drilling platforms.

Chemical Resistant Rubber Hose
These hoses are utilized to transport corrosive powder and most of corrosive chemical materials, such as strong acid, high aromatic solvent, chloride or oxide solutions and aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. they are commonly installed on fixed or mobile equipment of chemical industry, for example, tankers.

Decoking Hose
This type of hoses is widely applied in decoking system to carry high pressure water in refineries.

Concrete, Cement Transmission Hose
This kind of products is primarily installed on concrete poring equipment of concrete pump truck and slip casting of drilling machine to transport high abrasive materials like cement paste and mortar.

Choke and Kill Rubber Hose
As an important part of the choke and kill system, our choke and kill rubber hoses are applied to resist spurt in well drilling on ground or underwater. They have passed performance test of API 16C.

Ocean Floating Rubber Hose
Ocean floating flexible hoses are indispensable equipment of long-line transportation system of FPSO, utilized to carrying crude oil and other petroleum products.

Steel Wire Hydraulic Hose
Also known as high pressure flexible hoses, these products can resist high pressure are used in hydraulic drive, industrial and agricultural machinery and more to carry hydraulic pressure fluid like alcohol, fuel, hydraulic oil, lube and emulsion, etc. We offer a wide range of specifications with standard calibers and long service life. Their capability of oil and EMP resisting is strong. Besides, allocated metal couplings have abundant types and are easy to install.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts
Featuring high strength of extension, our steel cord belts are widely used in coal, mining, port conveyor systems and more to speedily deliver a large amount of materials in long distance.

Ignition Resistant Conveyor Belt
These conveyor belts are frequently adopted in metallurgy, foundry, chemical industry and other fields. They can transport materials with high temperature ranging from 200℃ to 600℃, even 800℃ transient temperature.

Flexible Sidewall Conveyor Belt
The base band adopts T/C canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas. Featuring high pull strength and great lateral stiffness, the band won't sink in backhaul. The flange and clapboard are combined through post-cure in high adhesive strength. Due to these, our belts are tearing resistant, shock resistant and can operate stably. They are widely used in fields like mining, electricity, chemical industry and food industry, etc.

Pattern Conveyor Belt
This kind of pattern conveyor belt is utilized to carrying materials in bulk or bags on slope. The angle of tilt can be from 0 to 40°. Pattern design effective prevents material from gliding.

Spiral Rubber Hose
Our spiral braided hoses are widely used in many fields, such as industry, agriculture, shipbuilding, foundry, construction and mining, etc. The primary function is to transmit mediums like oxygen, acetylene, inert gas, water, neutral liquid, oil, acid and alkali at room temperature. The body features great loading capacity, light weight, good bending property, small transformation, graceful appearance and more. The external surface can be glaze, stripe lined or grain lined.

Suction Rubber Hose
These suction flexible hoses are primarily used for suction or transmission of water, oil, sand, cement and other liquid or solid materials in fields like industry, agriculture, mining and construction, etc. The body has a good bending capability, and can bear both positive and negative pressure without delaminating or becoming flat. Inner rubber layer can resist corrosion of variuos mediums. External rubber layer is natural aging and abrasion resistant. For the surface of products, we offer washmarking and smooth designs or add an armour. To better satisfy customers' needs, we also collocate various metal couplings and assemblies.

Fabric Reinforced Rubber Hose
This kind of products is widely used for transporting liquid, gas and sticky solutions in indutry, agriculture, construction and other fields. The body of our hoses has a good bending capability, and can bear a stable pressure. Inner rubber layer can resist corrosion of variuos mediums. External rubber layer is natural aging and abrasion resistant. The surface of products is washmarking or armoured. According to customers' needs, we also collocate various couplings.

V Belts
V belt is a kind of annular flexible belt with trapezoidal section, frequently used as motive transmission for weaving machines, steam turbines, motors and other equipment. Our products have high tenacity, smooth surface and small fitting tolerance. Besides, they can operate for long hours and the size doesn't change.

Joint V Belt
Joint V belts are formed by connection of a number of V belts. These products are stable in moving and free from trembling, clapping and turning over. Besides, with large loading capacity, our products are especially suitable for high power drive.

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