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Fabric Conveyor Belt

Fabric Conveyor Belt

According to structure, we have flanging and cutting type conveyor belts
According to applications, we have normal, oil resistant, acid-base resistant, abrasion resistant, strong scratching, heat proof, fire resistant and antiflaming belts.
According to material quality, we have T/C canvas cord, nylon canvas cord and polyester canvas cord belts.

Our fabric conveyor belts are used for transmitting materials in metallurgy, coal mining and port conveyor systems, etc.

1. T/C belts, a kind of traditional conveyor, are suitable for medium or short distance transportation.
2. Nylon conveyors feature flexible, high tenacity, shock resistant and good bending. This type is applicable for speedily carrying materials with a heavy loading in long or medium distance.
3. Polyester conveyor belt has a high modulus of elasticity and its stretch length is small. Besides, these products perform stably in high temperature and are shock resistant. Either at room temperature or high temperature, the shape will hardly change. Hence, they are suitable for medium or long distance transportation with heavy loading at high speed.


Type Model Monolayer force N/mm Cover thickness mm Layers of cloth Breadth range mm
Top coating Down coating
T/C canvas conveyor PC 60 3.0-8.0 1.5-6.0 3-12 300-1800
Nylon and polyester conveyor NN100 100 2-8
NN125 125
NN150 150
NN200 200
NN250 250
NN300 300
NN350 350
NN400 400

Note: All above mentioned fabric conveyor belts can be manufactured according to customers' requirements.

With more than 20 years experience, our company has developed into a leading manufacturer and supplier of fabric conveyor belts. We specialize in producing and selling petroleum hoses, conveyors and V belts. With good quality and low prices, our products are successfully exported to White Russia, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries and regions. A favorable reputation has built up. We have full confidence that our products will be your best choice!

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