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Pattern Conveyor Belt

Pattern Conveyor Belt

Pattern conveyor belts are composed of core and arabesquitic. The arabesquitic, made of rubber, has two sides, that is, working side in decorative pattern and smooth back side. We offer a wide range of decorative patterns for choice, such as zig-zag, pockmark, V-type and customized patterns as well. Besides, height of arabesquitic is also optional, including 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm. The width of our belts is 300 to 1000mm.

This kind of conveyor belt is utilized to carry materials in bulk or bags on slope. The angle of tilt can be from 0 to 40°. Pattern design effectively prevents material from gliding.

Techfluid Yantai Limited, founded in 1985, is a professional pattern conveyor belt manufacturer in China. We specialize in producing and marketing a wide range of high pressure rubber hoses, pneumatic rubber hoses, flexible ducting hoses, conveyor belts, and V belts, etc. These products are used in industries like mining, porting, electricity and others. We welcome customers all over the world to try our products!

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