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Concrete, Cement Transmission Hose

Concrete, Cement Transmission Hose

This kind of concrete and cement transmission rubber hose consists of 3 layers. The inner layer is made of synthetic rubber with a strong capability of resisting abrasion. The reinforcement layer adopts high strength coppered steel wire cord. The rubber of the external layer is made of another kind of synthetic rubber which is abrasion and aging resistant.

Our cement transmission rubber hoses are primarily used to transport high abrasive materials like cement paste and mortar.
For example, transmission hoses are installed on concrete pump truck to pour concrete or on drilling machine for grouting.

Executive Standard
EN 12001:2003

1. The size of end coupling meets VICTAULIC coupling standard, and our concrete transmission hoses can joint with various concrete pump trucks made by Putzmeister, Schwing, SANY Group, and more.
2. The strong capability of resisting abrasion prolongs service life of cement rubber hoses.
3. Good flexibility makes it easier to operate for users.
4. Safety factor is above 2, which guarantees a secure handle to a maximum extent.
5. The pipe shaft prevents hoses from knotting. Besides, our concrete transmission hose is easy to clean, and can bear back pressure when cleaning.


Operating temperature -35 to +80℃
Maximum available length 61 m
Production length tolerance Hose length≤6.4m: ± 64mm Hose length>6.4m: ± 1%
Minimum bending radius Refer to the centreline of each Rubber Hose


Size Diameter Pressure Number of reinforcements Weight of body MBR operation Length max
in mm in mm psi BAR psi BAR S Kg/m mm m
51×85BAR 2 51 2.8 71 1232 85 2900 200 2 3.0 350 61
64×85BAR 3 63.5 3.5 89 1232 85 2900 200 2 4.7 400
76×85BAR 3 76 4.1 103 1232 85 2900 200 4 6.7 450
80×85BAR 3.1 80 4.2 107 1232 85 2900 200 4 7.1 500
102×85BAR 4 102 5.1 130 1232 85 2900 200 4 8.9 700
127×85BAR 5 127 6.1 154 1232 85 2900 200 4 11.1 900
152×85BAR 6 152 7.2 184 1232 85 2900 200 4 15.1 1000

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of concrete and cement transmission hoses in China, our company also offers ocean drilling rubber hoses, industrial transmission hoses and more. Due to our wide range of specifications, these rubber hoses are used in various fields, such as metallurgy, electricity and chemistry, etc. If you have a need for our products, please feel free to contact us!

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