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Drilling Platform Conveying Rubber Hose

Drilling Platform Conveying Rubber Hose

The framework of conveying rubber hoses is composed of various textiles. The inner layer adopts black synthetic rubber. To better satisfy customers' need, we also offer dry disconnect coupling, breakaway coupling, Victaulic joint and hammer union.

Conveying rubber hoses are commonly used between ships and marine drilling platforms or between ships and seacoasts. The primary function of drilling conveying flexible hoses is to transport, load and unload materials, such as petroleum, fuel, drinking water, natural gas, powder and drilling mud, etc.

Techfluid Yantai Limited, is a leading manufacturer of drilling platform conveying rubber hose. With 20 years of experience and expertise in this field, we are capable of producing and supplying high quality hoses with a wide range of specifications. Our products are used in various industries, such as coal mining, electrcity and chemistry, etc. We welcome global customers to contact us!

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