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Rubber Mud Hose, Vibrator Hose

Rubber Mud Hose, Vibrator Hose (High Pressure Rotary Oil Well Drilling Hose)

As a kind of drilling rubber hose, our rubber mud hoses and vibrator hoses consist of 4 layers. The framework is made of steel wire rope with high strength. The inner seal layer adopts synthetic rubber which is wear, oil, and heat resisting. Nylon canvas is used as lining layer and protective layer. And the material of external protective layer for rubber mud and vibrator hoses is also made of synthetic rubber which effectively resists aging, oil and abrasion. Besides, additional layer for fireproofing can be added according to customer request.

High pressure rotary oil drilling rubber hoses are widely used in well cementation of ocean and land drilling. Rubber mud hose functions as a flexible connection between the top of drill standpipe and vertical moving faucet. Vibrator rubber hose functions as a flexible connection between mud-pump manifold and standpipe for adjusting and eliminating vibration.

Executive Standard
API Spec 7K, ISO 14693, GB, T24145, ISO6807

API Monogram Certificate NO.: 7K-0106


Operating temperature Temperature Range II, -25 to +100℃
Flexibility level FSL0
Maximum available length 61 m
Production length tolerance Hose length≤6.4m: ± 64mm Hose length>6.4m: ± 1%
Minimum bending radius Refer to the centreline of each Rubber Hose

1. Additional external protection for rotary oil well drilling hose can be added according to customer request, such as steel wire armor protection and polyethylene spiral protection.
2. All these products has passed the DNV and ABS fire resistance test: 704 ℃ × 30 minutes


Optional End Fitting: Hammer unions, Yoke connection, API 6A Flanges, API 17D Flanges, Thread

Techfluid Yantai Limited, based in China, is a manufacturer and supplier of high pressure rotary oil well drilling hoses. Besides, we also offer transmission rubber hoses, conveyor belts and joint V belts, etc. Due to reliable quality, our products are widely used in many industries, such as coal mining, metallurgy, electric power and chemical. We welcome you to try our products!

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