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Ocean Floating Rubber Hose

Ocean Floating Rubber Hose

This kind of floating rubber hose consists of 5 layers, each layer with its specific function.
1. The inner lining, made of synthetic rubber, is used as enclosure bulkhead to prevent fluid from overflowing.
2. Strengthen layer is threaded of nylon cord, polyester cord, all-steel cord and other materials to enhance the tensile strength of floating hose.
3. The steel wire layer, made of high strength carbon steel, can keep integrity of our floating rubber hoses and guarantee the property of negative pressure resistance.
4. The fourth layer adopts microcellular floating material. This kind of material won't suck water or crack when bended.

5. The external protective layer for this ocean floating hose adopts synthetic rubber or polyurethane which can effectively resist aging, abrasion, oil and sea water corrosion.

Ocean floating rubber hose is indispensable equipment of long-line transportation system of FPSO, utilized to carrying crude oil and other petroleum products.


Operating temperature -25 to +52℃
Liquid temperature -20 to +82℃
Inner diameter 6″to 24″(152mm to600mm)
Working pressure 1.5Mpa
Bursting pressure 7.5Mpa
Maximum available length 40′(122 m)
Maximum flow rate 21m/s
Maximum content of aromatics 60%
Minimum bending radius 4 or 6 times the length of nominal inner diameter
Floating capability 25%

Techfluid is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ocean floating rubber hose in China. Since foundation, we have years of experience in producing various models of suction rubber hoses, conveyor belts and V belts which are widely used in industries like coal mining, metallurgy, electric power and more. With mature technology and scientific management, we can gurantee high quality of our products and good service. We welcome customers all over the world to try our products!

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