Providing industrial hoses and oil drilling hoses for even the most challenging fluid processing operations

Techfluid is a leader in the hose manufacturing field. We have developed numerous industrial hoses, oil drilling hoses, and heavy duty conveyers in all sizes and configurations to meet the various operating demands faced by customers. Different fluids and gases have different handling requirements and our experts design hoses with specific features to handle specialized applications..

Techfluid is an experienced industrial hose manufacturer, providing professional fluid transportation solutions. We provide hoses as well as conveyors belts in various dimensions and configurations to handle the many needs of customers.

    1. Company Profile
    2. Techfluid Yantai Limited is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of flexible hoses and fluid delivery solutions.
    1. Factory Tour
    2. Techfluid is equipped with 50+ pieces of production equipment such as intelligent rubber banbury mixers, batching systems, automatic hose production lines, hose winding machines, high speed knitting machines, CNC machine centers, etc.
    1. Service
    2. Techfluid provides you the best fit products and offers professional advice according to your specific requirements.
    1. Certificate
    2. Techfluid holds many different industry certificates, proving that we are equipped to meet your requirements.
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